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Seeing the World, 

One Place at a Time

WELCOME!  I’ve attempted to make navigating this website easy but my view of easy may not be the same as yours, so just in case, here are some notes on navigating this website. 

  • Each trip has a drop-down menu from the main menu bar. 

  • Each major event has a specific webpage that you can access from the drop-down menu. 

  • Each page has a main picture and a description of the event. 

  • This is followed by a slide show gallery. 

  • You can click on the side arrows to scroll through the gallery, or you can click on any picture to view and scroll through the expanded version of all the pictures, videos with sound, and descriptions.

  • On the last picture in the expanded view, you will be able to click on a link taking you to the next major event.

  • If you are scrolling through the regular gallery, you will need to go back up to the main menu to select the next major event.

  • Alternatively, you can access each trip from the Home page and each major event from the main trip page.

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